Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5-cylinder Turbocharged Engine

The five-cylinder turbocharged 2.5T provides a lively yet beautifully balanced driving experience. Access to the engine’s full potential provides plenty of acceleration to overtake with.

Five-cylinder Turbocharged Engine (2.5T and T5)
Five-cylinder Turbocharged Engine (2.5T and T5) Volvo S60

Continuously variable valve timing for both inlet and exhaust valves (Dual CVVT) ensures excellent performance and cleaner exhaust emissions in all driving conditions. For even more exhilaration, there's the high-performance T5 engine. A high turbo charge pressure means extra power at high revs and an invitation to an active style of driving. The turbocharger too, has an over-boost feature that provides additional power when pushed, for instance when overtaking.

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